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BE-in-English Starter Program
(BRONZE Option One of Three)

The essential introduction to
the BE-in-English ApproachSM .

(With complete money-back guarantee,
according to your satisfaction with the Program)

  • Radically improve your relationship to English
    (as your second language).
  • Re-discover your natural inborn Authentic ConfidenceSM in English as a second language.
  •  Know exactly your strengths in English, through personalised precise feedback.
  • Feel at home in English
  • Even think in English from the beginning!
  • Long-lasting results
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Fully confidential
  • tax-deductible, & also for employees
  • very low price for every budget
  • discount pricing for up to four participants

Support for for a full SIX MONTHS for your emails, CV, website etc. (This bonus is limited.)

Just 10 online Skype sessions!
(total 12.5 hours, scheduled when you want)

CLICK HERE for full details of complete double-time money-back guarantee, with your total customer satisfaction!

BE-in-English Premium-PLUS Program for Professionals
(SILVER Option Two of Three)

This Program prepares you for your international success long-term. It delivers your global resilience.

You see an uncertain future. You know your own life and business is fast becoming international and global. You see the global trend. But are you really ready?

Your international professional confidence long-term

  • Includes the full Starter Program (Option One) with Guarantee
  • PLUS full coaching support for your future place in the English-speaking professional world across Europe, and around the world.
  • Intercultural support
  • Marketing support
  • International market analysis
  • Access to my personal network of international experts in business development in France, Russia, Spain, Saudi Arabia, the United States, & more.


 I walk with you every step of the way.

 Your success is the foundation of my business

BE-in-English GUARANTEED Premium Program for Professionals
(GOLD Option Three of Three)

The ultimate ‘Ferrari’ Program 

For serious professionals who need guaranteed results. 

Pay just 33% in the beginning,

BUT only pay the  rest after proven financial profit for you.

So get full profit for 33% (same as the cost of the entire Program), or pay no more! 

So I risk my time and money for your GUARANTEED RESULTS!

  • INCLUDES Option One and Two
    (the BE-in-English Starter Program AND the BE-in-English Premium-PLUS Program for Professionals)
  • Up to three days in-person training anywhere in the world (travel costs not included)
  • Full accompaniment and support for you, and your business.


My investment in your guaranteed financial success internationally.

This Program is subject to a selection process. However, if you are serious about your international success, then this Program is for you. 

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