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At home. YOU. Internationally

Three programs to meet every need:

  1. Starter online program for a fast shift in confidence in just 10 weeks!
  2. #1 & BE-International coaching Program for fast global confidence
  • #1, #2 & Ultimate Premium-PLUS coaching program

with guaranteed financial results for you.

#1: BE-in-English Starter Program

(Option One of Three)


(backed up by double-time money-back guarantee)

  • Radically improve your relationship to communication in English.
  • Re-discover your own natural inborn Authentic ConfidenceSM
  • Know exactly your strengths in English, through personalised feedback.
  • Feel at home in English
  • Long-term results
  • Flexible scheduling online from your home, office, or while travelling.
  • Fully confidential
  • Learn to think in English from the beginning!
  • tax-deductible, & also for employees
  • very low price for every budget
  • discount pricing for up to four participants


  • Copy-editing support for a full six months for letters, CV, website etc. (Limited offer.)
  • Urgent last-minute advice and support before important meetings, phone-calls etc.

Just 10 weekly online Skype meetings!

#2 BE-in-English Premium-PLUS Program for Professionals

(Option Two of Three, includes Option One)

For your professional confidence and success in an international context

Get prepared for an unpredictable fast-changing globalising world

  • Includes the full Starter Program (Option One) with Guarantee
  • PLUS full coaching support for your future in the English-speaking professional world

across Europe, & around the world.

  • Intercultural support
  • Marketing support
  • International market analysis
  • Access to my network of international experts in business development in:

France, Russia, Spain, Saudi Arabia, the United States, & more.

Communication in other countries with different cultures is a challenge!

But I have lived this life for over thirty years on three continents.

This Program provides the necessary support, when you need it.



#3: BE-in-English guaranteed Premium-PLUS Program

(Option Three of Three, includes Option One and Two)

For professionals who need guaranteed results fast.

Be sure about your international financial & professional success.

  • Option One and Two (the BE-in-English Starter Program AND the

BE-in-English Premium-PLUS Program for Professionals)

  • PLUS up to three days in-person training anywhere in the world (travel costs not included)
  • PLUS full accompaniment and support for you, and your business.
    • Consulting services for your organisation at no extra charge
    • Communications analysis of you and your business included
    • Last-minute urgent support without limit


Pay just 33% in the beginning,

BUT only pay more after proven financial profit for you.

Get full business profit (same as cost of entire Program), or pay no more!

So I risk my time and money for your guaranteed results.

This Program is subject to a selection process.

However this Program is for you, if you are serious about your international financial success.

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